Thursday, August 15, 2013


5 years ago (on the 12th) I met my husband after a long Wednesday night shift at Starbucks he was there on the patio. I remember that I thought he was really cute, so I kept trying to give him and his friends free drinks. After that night I noticed him coming into the cafe more often and began to get my flirt on.

Little did I know we would be married 9 months later (yea that was fast I know).

I love how this man loves me. I love how he tries to protect my heart in hard situations. I love how we can laugh together and do stupid things that no one else would understand. I love that we are honest with each other and with anyone else about how hard marriage was and can still be some days. I could go on and on and on and on...

But the thing about my husband that is sticking out to me most right now is how he tries to protect my heart. I love how when I don't understand things or people he helps me look at different sides of things. He always tries to help me work through things and does it in such a tender way. He just has this way of letting me talk things through without interjecting until the perfect moment. Tuesday he sent me this video and let me know he was thinking about me when he heard it. Yet another reason why he's so dreamy....

Sorry if this is rambly...just super thankful for my man.

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