Friday, August 30, 2013

son II

Dear Max,

You are four short months from being two. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I'm happy to tell you that since the last time I wrote you, you still still do everything I asked you to do...although your kisses have now turned into what I call "death kisses". It's basically where you try to eat my face, I always assume it's just because you love me so much.

You have changed a lot since you first turned one. We finally got tubes put in your ears after having 12 ear infections. You are already showing so much progress in your speech. I'll give you a couple of examples:

1. About a week after your procedure you were doing something goofy. I can't really remember what you were doing but I looked at you and said, "Son you've got issues" to which you looked at me with a huge ornery smile and said, "Issues". You walked around the house for the next five minutes saying it. I felt slightly proud that you repeated what I said. And then I realized it was now time to watch what I say. (By the way I don't think you have issues. I was just teasing you.)

2. You're dad and I were having a serious conversation last night, about adult things like money, insurance, blah blah were sitting in between us eating your Ramen (Yes, I feed my child Ramen. He's a picky eater but loves noodles. Judge me if you must.), I looked over at your dad and said, "It'll be alright." You quickly stood up, crossing your arms and then reaching them as high as you could like you were making a rainbow shape  with them and said, "is allllllright". I think both your dad and I were fighting back tears. You will never comprehend how much we needed someone else to tell us that it was going to be alright. We just never thought it would be our 20 month old son.

You are such an incredible child. I haven't run into a person yet that doesn't fall in love with you. Matter of fact your favorite teacher in nursery says you're her favorite. We will pick you and ask her how you were and she will say, "He's just Max. I love him." I love knowing that you are loved by more than you mom and dad.

Lately I feel like we butt heads more often than not. Literally and figuratively. Literally because you are in a head butting stage. You actually gave me a black eye not to long ago that took 2 weeks to heal. Figuratively because you are incredibly strong willed. We battle the no hitting issues, you definitely already have the want to do things your way. Don't worry we will make it through the "terrible twos". It may take tears from both of us and lots of time out, but we'll get through it.

I'm sorry that it's hard to understand what is "right" sometimes. Heck I'm 24 and I still have to battle what is really "right" sometimes. Just be patient with me. And I'll be patient with you. Don't stop giving me death kisses and tackle hugs. Mommy really needs those.

I love you son. So so much more than you will ever know.


Your daddy was really worried about you when you "got your new ears". He's a really really good daddy. 

You LOVE my guitar. You pretty much strum better than I can. Also, please start wearing clothes more. You have mastered the art of undressing and throwing your diaper in the air. Let's keep that down to a minimum.

We've been going to the zoo a lot, we don't last long. But your daddy and I love taking you. So far your favorite thing is the goats. You also think everything is a dog.

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