Thursday, September 26, 2013


So obviously i've been busy lately and neglecting the ol'blog. I don't feel like I sat down much during the month of September...and now a new season is upon us and a new chapter for the Marshell's is here with it. Monday Jason starts his new job at our church. I can't wait to watch my husband do what he loves. Here's a few snap shots of September. 

I don't remember this taking this picture but I found it and I love it.

Max and I have been rolling out of bed and going on adventures all week. This was at the zoo. It was the best weather and all the animals were out. It was the first time that Max has really been into it. Oh and he thought all the animals were either dogs or Moo's (cows)

I don't often get good pictures with Max but we went to the park this week and Jason got some good pictures of me and Max! I love having little moments captured!

We got to spend a weekend with my amazing grandparents and my sister, brother and Cohen. It was a wonderful weekend. We just got to relax and spend good quality time with family.

We got to go to Gentleman of the Road. It was hot. We camped and this is us right after we woke up. Obviously we were tired and sun burnt. But it was a wonderful adventure with my love.
We made a special trip to Missouri a couple of weeks ago. Our nephew Noah broke his leg and had to have surgery. I'm so glad we were able to go. We don't get to see them near enough since they are 7 hours away. 

Yesterday we got Max a dog. Her name is Oswin and she is probably the most amazing dog we've ever owned. She listens, and she is so sweet.  
Obviously Max loves her.

Life is so good. It's got its ups and downs...but seriously..even in the downs life is just dang good.

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